Teens Inspired by movie “Hidden Figures”

On February 5th, generous donors paid for our all of our teens to go see the movie Hidden Figures. The teens were amazed and inspired by the movie; they came away believing that they too can accomplish more than they had ever imagined. Aviva would like to thank Barbara Lazaroff, Kay Collins, Tonya Winfield, Tess Rafferty and Betsy Salkind for the wonderful experience!

We asked the teens what they liked most about the movie, and here are just a few quotes from what they said:

“That black women can do anything they put their mind to!” – Tempest

“That ladies are just as smart as the men!” – Maria

“Don’t take no for an answer!” – Alex

“That every time [the actresses] did a math problem and showed they knew math it was like magic.” – Zoey

HF pic 2