Isabella and Micah

Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services removed Isabella, age 3, and her brother Micah, age 5, from their mother’s home earlier this year due to her use of alcohol and drugs. While they had located the grandparents to take the children, there was only room for one child in their studio apartment. Heartbroken, the grandparents took Isabella while Micah was placed in a temporary foster home.

Aviva stepped in to help the grandparents. We helped them find a two-bedroom apartment to accommodate both children and provided them with additional beds, safety locks, and other household items to make their new home safe and comfortable for Isabella and Micah. To ensure approval as foster parents, the grandparents participated in 20 hours of training and attended a Resource Fair offered by Aviva to learn about different available services and benefits. Within in months, Micah joined his sister at his grandparents’ new home.

Today, with Aviva’s help, Micah and Isabella are happy and secure living with their grandparents and out of the foster care system.