Intensive Treatment Foster Care

Aviva is one of 13 Intensive Treatment Foster Care (ITFC) agencies licensed by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

Using specially trained foster parents as the primary caregivers, the ITFC program blends the normalizing features of foster family care with intensive counseling, case management and support services.

Our team of therapists, support counselors, and foster families provides each child with a warm, supportive home environment that encourages healthy growth and development.

ITFC requirements include more training for the intensive treatment foster family to be part of a team of professionals and to work with this specific group of children. The age range served in this specialized program is 6-18. Generally, the ITFC home only has one ITFC child placed at a given time.

If you are interested in providing the specialized care for an ITFC child, please call 1-888-Aviva FFA (284-8233) or email our Foster Family and Adoption offices at