The Platinum Associates

Making a difference. Changing Lives.



Aviva’s Platinum Associates is a dynamic group of people who are dedicated not only to making a difference in the lives of at-risk youth, but to helping change their lives.

Since its inception in 2001, the Platinum Associates have raised more than $1 million in support of Aviva’s Wallis Annenberg Residential Treatment Program while increasing awareness of Aviva’s work.

Being a Platinum Associate is a meaningful way to spend time with friends and meet new ones while making a significant impact on Los Angeles’ most vulnerable youth.

Platinum Associates Membership

Membership in the Platinum Associates is $1,000 annually. With your $1,000 commitment to Aviva’s Platinum Associates, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Elite networking opportunities, including an annual member luncheon, guest lectures, art shows, film screenings, awards dinner, exclusive tours, special shopping events and more
  • A plaque with your name on Aviva’s donor recognition wall to acknowledge your Platinum Associates membership
  • A subscription to Aviva’s newsletter to stay up-to-date on our work
  • Unique volunteer opportunities that will lift the spirits of Aviva’s clients – and your own
  • Acknowledgment of your Platinum Associates membership on Aviva’s website and printed publications

To learn more about the Platinum Associates, e-mail or call Iris Arias at (323) 876-0550 ext. 1105.

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Current Platinum Associates

Eva Aaronson

Laura Alpert

Wallis Annenberg

Jackie Applebaum

Renee Arakelion

Louise Arklin

Adriana Balaban

Robert Barth
Martha Berkett

Lynn Bider

Carolyn Bloom

Lois Feldman Bloom

Lili Bosse


Jacqueline Burdorf

Susan Casden

Wrenn Chais

Christine Chiu

Kate Corsmeier

Cindy Fields

Nicole Frank

Carolyn Folks

David Geffen

Shirley Hahn

Genevieve Haines

Victoria Hooks

Leslie Kavanaugh

Heather Rust-Kavanaugh

Suzanne Kayne

Betty Goodwin-Klevan

Elaine Langone

Barbara Lazaroff

Betty Sue Leonard

Avi Lerner

Lola Levoy

Andrea Lurie

Barbara Marcus

Heidi Jo Markel

Richard Merkin

Nancy Moonves

Kira Reed Lorsch

Dana Reston-Lyons

Susan Rothenberg

Morgan Rumpf

Jacqueline Sacks

Ellen Sandler

Greer Saunders

Barbara Schroeder

Jeannine Sefton

Gina Seidel

Kim Selby

Robin Shephard

Nancy Silverton

Victoria Simms

Simone Smith

Cheryl Snow

Nicole Swain

Robin Swartz

Robin Ungar

Janis Black Warner

Hope Warschaw

Sharon Weiner

Mary Ann Weisberg

Tonya Winfield

Jill Black Zalben