Troy and Roosevelt’s Adoption Story

Several years ago Troy and Roosevelt were ready to pick up a baby they had planned to adopt when they received a call at the last minute that the birth mom had changed her mind. They were devastated.  Then, just three days later, Aviva called asking them to foster.

Troy took a deep breath and accepted with the hope that this would put them on the path to adoption. The baby had been in the hospital for five days. Troy couldn’t take his eyes off the baby for the first three nights. He was mesmerized. They learned that the baby had a twin at another foster home. Unfortunately, he also had multiple fractures. Roosevelt started picking up the other baby and bringing him over so the boys could be together.

Over the next two years, Troy and Roosevelt raised the boys as their own. Aviva was there for Roosevelt and Troy and the twins every step of the way – with parenting classes, advice and emotional support.  Roosevelt said, “Aviva’s staff really put our faith back in the system. They were so supportive and always available.”

Two years after taking in the twins, they were up for adoption. Today, they are the family that Troy and Roosevelt had always dreamed of having and the twin boys are thriving, happy and most of all, loved.